Finding yourself in an unplanned pregnancy can make you feel scared, overwhelmed and uncertain about your future including that of the baby. All of these emotions are normal. We are here to support you and help you through this decision making process.

As you consider your options take the time you need to gather information and find resources that will empower you to make the best life choice for your situation.

Did you Know:

There are three types of adoption

Open Adoption: This option allows you to choose a family and also you choose the level of contact you want with the family and your child.

Semi-open Adoption: This choice allows you to select parents for your baby but no identifying information is disclosed. Any contact would be done through the agency you use such as pictures or letters.

Confidential Adoption: With this option the birthparent would be completely anonymous and the adoption agency would pick a family that best fits your wishes.

Adoption is a difficult choice. It is a selfless act of love with the highest desire being considered for the child. It won’t be without grief and pain but the knowledge and support you find as you look into all your options will ultimately help you make the best parental decision for you and your baby.

Some questions to consider:
  • Do you have support from friends and family for the emotional and financial pressures ahead?
  • Do you have a permanent and safe home to bring baby home to?
  • Are you prepared to provide for all the needs of your baby and always put the baby before yourself, boyfriend, family or friends?