Download the HH Resident Handbook

Hope House Maternity Home
Pampa, TX 79065

Pregnancy Support Center of Pampa
210 N. Ward
P.O. Box 2097
Pampa, Texas 79066


Mission Statement: Hope House is a Christian-based refuge for pregnant women who find themselves in a crisis situation, with the goal of giving direction and hope in life.

During you stay at the home your needs are provided for you and you baby by our generous donors. This includes:

  • A place to call home
  • Utilities, food, household supplies, personal hygiene
  • Transportation to and from church, appointments, work…

You may not share the address of the Hope House without permission.

Criteria for Acceptance

  • Must be 18 years or older and pregnant
  • Must Have a desire and willingness to make behavior changes.
  • Must agree to participate in individual plans of care and programs at the Hope House.
  • Must agree not to smoke, or take illegal drugs.
  • Must agree to abide by the rules of the handbook.

Behavior & Responsibilities

With many people living in close quarters in the same house, rules and responsibilities are a necessity.  The rules will help to maintain order and to insure the privacy and rights of each person.

  • Follow the daily schedule of group routines and special events as posted or announced unless individually scheduled otherwise.
  • Residents are permitted to leave premises only with permission from Staff.
  • Curfew, 7:00pm in house unless permission from staff
  • Show respect for fellow residents at all times.
  • No whispering or gossiping about anyone.
  • Do not use one staff in opposition to another.  i.e. If one staff tells you to do something, do not go to another staff to get your way.
  • Privacy of other resident’s personal lives is to be respected.  Under no circumstances are you to give any information about another resident at any time to anyone.
  • If caught stealing you will be ask to leave program
  • Tobacco use, of any form, is prohibited.
  • Drug and alcohol use is prohibited.
  • No profanity.
  • Residents must make their own bed everyday, take showers as scheduled, keep personal area and articles neat and clean, put away personal articles, do assigned house work duties on time.
  • Residents must clean up bathroom after each use.  The bath tub must be sanitized after each bath or shower.
  • Residents are required to do their own laundry on assigned days.  If an emergency arises or a change in schedule is required, talk with the assigned staff.
  • Only books, literature, music and movies given or approved by staff are allowed.  If other material is brought in and not approved it will be put in storage until you leave.
  • Candles are prohibited.
  • Lights, radios, and fans should be turned off when you are the last one to leave a room.  Pick up games, books, etc., and return them to shelves when finished with them.  Remember to take personal items to your room.
  • No borrowing or lending of anything (money, personal items, hygiene products) at all.
  • Follow own individual program of activities as planned, such as being present and on time for school, work, group meetings, medical appointments or meals.
  • If you have left without notifying a staff member and we cannot locate you after a reasonable period of time, you may be dismissed from the home. Staff must know the residents’ whereabouts at all times.
  • Immediately report to staff any facility or property damage.
  • If allergic to dogs inform director immediately.


  • Proof of current tags, sticker and insurance must be provided to the Director
  • Special permission is needed each time your auto is used.
  • Auto must be locked at all times.
  • Auto will not be used as a storage area.
  • Auto must be kept clean and in good working order.


  • All medical needs and appointments to be in Pampa if possible, exceptions may be necessary.
  • Prescription medication must be kept in office and distributed per directions (unless other arrangements are made with the staff)
  • Over the counter medication subject to the same supervision as prescription medication.
  • Report injuries and illness to staff immediately.
  • Resident is responsible for doctor appointments and all healthcare cost.
  • Random drug test may be administered


  • Letters, photos, calls, and visits are allowed from immediate family (Any others by approval from director.)
  • Phone calls will be made during designated time only and time restrictions will be observed.
  • Calls may be supervised.
  • Emergency calls will be allowed.
  • Must give an account of spending money

Required items when entering the home

  • Social Security Card
  • Certified copy of Birth Certificate
  • Medicaid Card or information

Leaving Premises

  • No taking walks without staff permission.
  • Resident must have prior approval before leaving property.
  • With approval, staff must be informed when you leave and when you return. *Purpose for leaving property includes:
    • Church Doctor
    • Work School
    • Court/Attorney/Police/Sheriff
  • After three months at Hope House residents may visit family once a month for a week end visit with approval from staff.  If staff feels it necessary, drug test and bags searched upon return.


  • Rooms will be clean and orderly at all times.
  • Rooms will be checked.
  • Do not hang or tape anything on the walls without permission.
  • All furnishings provided in rooms must be cared for.
  • No food or drinks in room except water.
  • You may not be in anyone’s room other than your own.
  • Close room shutters when dressing.
  • Do not leave electrical appliances plugged in or on the floor (curling iron, hair dryers, coffee pot…) check these before leaving.
  • Rooms may be searched when given probable cause


  • All residents agree to abide by the rules when they enter the home. Discipline policies apply to those residents who violate these rules. Violations will result in a write-up or warning write-up.
  • Residents will be given verbal correction before any actions is taken.
  • If a second verbal warning is needed for the same offense this will result in a   write-up.
  • A write-up will consist of extra duty work time and/or scripture SA (300-500 word)
  • If a student receives three write-ups, the following correction will be a warning write-up.
  • Warning Write-up may affect privileges and if conduct continues could result in dismissal.
  • When a resident continues violating rules and polices, commits violations that are deliberate and intentional, dismissal may be required.


  • Kitchen must be kept clean and uncluttered at all times.
  • Hands must be washed thoroughly before and after handling food.
  • All leftovers must be sealed in small storage containers or bags and refrigerated immediately after the meal.
  • No open containers especially cans are to be left in refrigerator. All unused food or drinks are to be stored in non metal containers.
  • Use good manners.
  • No complaining about the food

Cell Phones

  • In later phases of the program if resident is able to afford a cell phone these rules apply.
  • Never let another resident use cell phone.
  • No phones during Bible studies or meals.

*Phones and lap top turned in at 7:00pm